Fume Hoods - Canopy Model

Canopy Fume Hoods

Canopy Style Fume Hood in LabDesign Exhaust Canopies for Modern Lab Ventilation

As the leading source for laboratory ventilation equipment, Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture has compiled one of the best selections of fume hoods for you convenience. Our canopy fume hoods are a favorite of scientists, researchers, educators, and lab technicians around the world. When we design new laboratory spaces, these types of fume hoods are requested due to their versatility in venting non-toxic smells and steam.

Ceiling-mounted canopy hoods free up vital workspace in laboratories. With the ventilation provided overhead, there is more room for equipment underneath. This creates a lot of space for open lab experiments. These fume hoods should only be used for work with non-toxic substances.

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Learn the additional features of canopy fume hoods here:

Features of the Canopy Fume Hood

Purpose Reducing Turbulence of Airflow through the Unit
Benefits Improving Efficiency & Performance
Dimensions 7/32” Safety Glass Panel, 18”H Sash Lock
Materials White Resin-Chem, Nylon, Epoxy, Stainless Steel
Lighting Vapor Proof T-8 Fluorescent Light Fixture with Bulbs
Build 16 Ga. Internal Structural Frame
Other Gasketed Access Panel 

Laboratory Designs with Ventilation Systems

Metrolabs laboratory Furniture designs brand new and remodeled laboratories to meet your needs. We’ve helped new companies build labs from the ground up. We’ve also redesigned existing laboratories for new purposes. By working with Metrolabs, you get a completely customized lab space. Contact our designers to start setting up your laboratory.

The Advantage of Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture Fume Hoods

We not only deliver your orders, we install and certify your products as well. Scientists and researchers choose us because of how we operate our business. In many ways, we have proven to be the pinnacle of fume hood providers in the modern market. We’re an honest and straight forward company with a wide selection of popular fume hood styles.

Laboratory supervisors count on us to help keep their labs running smoothly – when you need new or replacement fume hoods, Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture is the company to call!

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Contact Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture to order canopy fume hoods for laboratories.

Indian-Made Fume Hood Installation 

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture offers top quality fume hood products for installation throughout the country. Our experts are trained in laboratory design and regulations, certified and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Call us from anywhere in the 50 states to get started on your new lab design.  

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