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Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture is a global leader in laboratory design and outfitting. We are a full-service design and sales firm, sourcing premium Indian-manufactured laboratory furniture and equipment. When you work with Metrolabs, you will have a single point of contact (SPOC) to manage all aspects of design, sales and installation.

Our services go beyond furniture design and delivery. We also provide thorough testing and certification of chemical fume hoods and ventilation equipment throughout the United States and around the world. Let Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture handle all of your design, delivery, installation, and certification questions.

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International laboratories from Calgary to Beijing have discovered the advantages of working with Metrolabs’s responsive team of professional laboratory designers. Unlike most lab design firms, Metrolabs responds to each initial contact within 24 hours. More importantly, we’ll deliver an initial CAD-designed drawing within 48 hours of receiving lab specs.

Indian Lab Design Before and After

Fast Turnaround Times on Lab Designs

Most lab designers take several weeks or more before turning around a first design. In the same span of time, we’ll be working on finalizing your design and preparing for the build. Our accurate designs help your plumbers, electricians and HVAC installers plan optimal utility layouts.

Because we sell the laboratory furniture and additional fixtures you will need, we are able to design labs as a complete system, specifically tailored to individual components. There’s no hassle of communicating between multiple contractors to make adjustments on the fly.

Practical Solutions for Innovative Industrial Research

Lab Being Installed in WI

Our domestic and international clients include some of the biggest names in chemical engineering, industrial manufacturing and food/beverage production, including Exxon-Mobil (Papua New Guinea), Sherwin-Williams (Canada), Diageo (Panama and the British Virgin Islands) and Pfizer (United States).

We design labs with:

When your furniture is finished we provide the delivery and material installation. Or you can opt out and install your furniture on your own. We offer phone support to guide you through the process.

Top Laboratories from Top Designers

Metal Lab Cabinets for Top LaboratoriesWe have also designed research facilities for some of the premier educational and governmental scientific bodies in the India, including the Indian Navy, VSSC and ....

We've built labs for every industry:

Metrolabs provides the same level of personalized service to countless smaller professional labs. Large or small, our reputation is built upon providing reliable, expert service to each of our customers before, during and after the sale of their lab design, construction, and installation.

Talk to our professional lab designers today for courteous, responsive service.

Watch our work! See a new lab take shape from start to finish:

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