Metrolabs - Lab Furniture Standard Colour Options

Laboratory Color Options

Standard Color Options for Your Laboratory

Customize Your Laboratory with Color

Check out samples of our standard colors below to help customize and set your laboratory apart from the rest. Other colors are available upon request.

Download and print our standard color sample sheet here.

Whites, Greys and Browns*

White Laboratory Design

Appliance White: E-9132

Almond Laboratory Design

Light Almond: E-7688

Off-White Laboratory Design

Off White: E-6328

Ivory Laboratory Design

Ivory: E-8389

Matte Grey Laboratory Design

Matte Grey: E-2702

Beige Laboratory Design

Beige: E-5809

Platinum Laboratory Design

Platinum: E-2731

Taupe Laboratory Design

Dark Taupe: E-2439

Black Laboratory Design

Black: E-3037

Burgundy Laboratory Design

Burgundy: E-7065

Blues and Greens*

Light Blue Laboratory Design

Light Blue: E-10289

Blue Laboratory Design

Deep Blue: E-6320

Sea Blue Laboratory Design

Sea Blue: E-5610

Green Laboratory Design

Green: E-5091

*These colors may vary due to your monitor/display settings and are approximations of our actual paints. All drawer bodies will be painted off-white.

  • Base Cabinet w/Doors: Shelves are painted off-white regardless of door type with the exception of GH or GSF, where shelves will be painted to match the base cabinet.
  • Base Cabinet w/No Doors / Open: Shelves are painted to match the base cabinet.
  • Wall Cases: Shelves are painted to match wall case regardless of door type or no door.
  • Floor Cases: Shelves are painted to match floor case, regardless of door type or no door.
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