Phenolic Resin Countertops

Phenolic resin laboratory countertops are a cost-effective choice for laboratory design and workbenches. This material is ideal for areas where regular use, frequent cleaning and either some chemical resistance properties are needed or none at all.

Custom Fabricators can supply and install phenolic resin tops, sinks and backsplashes. Multiple colors and performance characteristics are available.

Phenolic resin is manufactured from phenol and formaldehyde. This synthetic polymer is used to saturate multiple layers of kraft papers, which is then fused together with heat and pressure to create a solid surface.


Phenolic resin countertops are a cost-effective alternative to epoxy resin in situations where higher levels of heat (350°F+) and corrosion resistance are not necessary. The material is popular in pharmaceutical and healthcare laboratory applications.

Specific benefits of phenolic resin include:

  • Heat resistant up to 350°F
  • Lighter in weight
  • Low moisture absorption rate
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Shorter lead times

Phenolic Resin Countertops in Your Laboratory

Hygiene, cleanliness, chemical resistance, and stain resistance are all critical in this type of environment. For environments where laboratory experiments must be regularly performed in a contamination-free environment, phenolic countertops are an excellent choice.

These countertops are light, rugged, long-lasting, and chemically resistant, and they are also oil and moisture resistant, as well as bacteria and fungus resistant.

Worktops in these types of laboratory environments are particularly vulnerable due to the variety of chemicals used in experiments and must be made of materials that can withstand spills, resist scuffs and abrasions, and withstand impact and stress cracking.

These countertops will last for many years, keeping labs looking clean and running smoothly.

Selecting the right countertop material for your lab design is a critical decision to make. If you are looking for long-lasting and heavy-duty phenolic resin countertops and you’d like to learn more, order yours at a competitive price. Call us at (91) 98409 31231 or click here for a fast quote.