Hospital and Diagnostics Laboratory Furniture

Hospitals and diagnostic laboratories are the backbone of world healthcare. The noble cause of public wellness transcends creed, class and spans across global geography.

Our mission to provide the best healthcare and diagnostics lab furniture, a one stop solution of design, manufacturing and installation, is our highest responsibility.

We are there when you need us !

We work with you every step of the way, from the the worksite, to the handing over of your dream lab. Our journey together when we visit the worksite, and work with you in designing the optimum layout of your lab furniture, taking into account all comprehensive factors involved, like shift batch strength, instrumentation, and environmental factors like natural lighting, external vibrations, etc.

We have a customer base spanning the departments of stem cell biotechnology, clinical chemistry, clinical pathology, hematology, histopathology, microbiology, serology, and many more.

We offer very high customizability and aim to offer the perfect lab furniture to serve the customers needs.

This enables us to help you build a world class diagnostics, healthcare lab that functions precisely unyielding to any environmental eventualities. This ensures that your dream laboratory furniture impacts you to breeze through any accreditation that you may seek, like NABL, FDA, and so forth.

It is an undisputed consensus in the medical field that better, earlier and more precise testing directly impacts the better outcomes in terms of healthcare. In the perpetual endeavour of of improving healthcare, it is required to constantly evolve the lab layout to better suit latest analytics.
Our laboratory tables and other furniture are completely modular and can be neatly disassembled and shifted with great ease, making lab renovation a walk in the park.

Our highly requested products in the hospitals and diagnostics lab furniture are as follows:

  • laminar air flow hoods/ culture hoods with HEPA filters.
  • Bio Safety cabinets.
  • Fume Hoods
  • Grossing station
  • Island and wall tables
  • Slide cabinets to hold microscopic slides
  • Complete SS option of lab furniture for application in operation theatres and clean rooms
    • SS laminar air flow hoods/ culture hoods
    • SS Bio Safety cabinets
    • SS trolleys
    • SS stools
    • SS lab tables
  • Separate PU coated GI alternative of all of the above for applications in operation theatres and in clean rooms