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Pharmaceutical Laboratory Furniture

We custom design top quality pharmaceutical labs. Our labs are designed in compliance with regulatory bodies such as Indian Pharmacopeia Commission (IPC) , USFDA, Good Lab Practices and more. We recommend our on site consultation for the best pharmaceutical lab designing and planning experience, all comprehensive of instruments planed and the processes carried out.

We offer flexible lab designing options with high customer liberty to dictate material of construction, counter top, etc. Significant constructional placements such as electrical and water points, gas outlets, will be taken into consideration while being designed. What more, all our products are modular! In case of future renovations, our furniture can be swiftly made into modules and moved with convenience.

We cater to specialized needs such as sterile rooms, laminar flow cabinets, bio-safety cabinets, industrial gas extractors, anti-vibration tables for precision measurements systems and many more.

We will work with you and guide you every step of the way to design your lab, work with you and guide you through all the overwhelming new choices that exist in the market right now. To opt for island tables or wall tables? What type of counter tops to choose to suit our workflow? What fume hood to opt for- bench top? ductless? Fret no more, for we are here when you need us! Do make sure to click the below link to check out our customer references.

We consider school Lab Furniture is important by all terms. For what could be more important than creating the cradle for entire generations scientists, engineers and creators? We take the utmost care and priority in working institutions to set up the laboratories for their students, and hence playing our part in raising young minds and strengthening our futures. School science lab furniture usually needs chemistry lab furniture, physics lab furniture, and biology lab furniture. These may be set up individually or together, called composite lab furniture, depending on the guidelines of the regulatory bodies in question.

We have expertise in designing in accordance with many such educational boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSES, CIE and more. Apart from this, schools may also have requirements for the lab furniture for other labs, such as computer lab furniture, mathematics lab furniture and language lab furniture.

We provide skeleton rack along with the bio lab furniture, chemicals storage cupboard with chemistry lab furniture, learning kit for maths lab furniture, CPU trolley with computer lab furniture. We design, manufacture and install lab furniture for all of the aforementioned labs, as well as cater to specialized requirements that exist. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the decisions to be made, island tables or wall tables? Where to get the sink placement? How big should the customized workspace separation be? Do not fret, for we will guide and work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your Dream Lab. We will be there when you need us!


Laboratory Furniture for Food analytical laboratories are the basic foundation of all global food security. All food, beverages, dairy, produce, and consumables that are on our shelves and tables, have been supported multifold by food analytical laboratories. By performing QA, vetting and standardization, global food markets are allowed to function.

Be it agro industries, food supplements, packaged foods, edible oil or animal feed- all food consumables must go through food analytical labs. Food inspection lab furniture for such labs includes applications for chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, nutrition, radiology, amongst many others.

These labs are created by us in accordance with all the relevant regulatory bodies such as FSSAI, USFDA, FSMA, FFDCA, HACCP, NIST, etc. How to navigate through the overwhelming sea of choices that exist such as what countertops to go for and what to avoid? From aiming for epoxy white countertops and avoiding granite countertops to eliminate microbial contamination, we will guide you every step of the way to make the right choices to make your dream labs come true. Keep reading to find out more, and past customer references.

We are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial lab furniture. From the most commonly sought after Analytical Quality Control labs  and R&D labs, all the way to highly specialised special purpose labs such that for Isotopes and nuclear research laboratories, we are well experienced in catering to all industrial laboratory requirements. For most labs the basic requires start with lab tables and then go for more specialised requirements such as Fume hoods, Fire Safety Cabinets, and so forth. Every element is highly customisable and will be engineered to precisely fit your lab needs. We will work with you every step of the way, to arrive at the best design choices possible. Duct or ductless fume hood? What counter tops to select? How to best fit the solvent scrubber in the lab layout? How to incorporate the ESD workstation in the lab design? Trouble fitting in the CMM machine in your automobile lab? There will be no need to stress over design choices while working with us, we will be there when you need us !

Textile testing labs, aerospace labs, flavours and fragrances labs, petroleum and plastics lab furniture, industrial paint and cement laboratories, and water testing labs are only few amongst the many works that we have done. Be sure to check our previous works in the page linked below.

Laboratory Furniture for Hospitals and diagnostics laboratories is highly process driven This requires the implementation of the planning of specific processing procedures for planning for a lab, and designing lab furniture and must facilitate the efficient and hygienic functioning of every single process batch, every single day.

Our design process will aid you in the process of designing, manufacturing and installing lab furniture to translate your dream lab to reality. We work with you to uniquely design your lab for the optimal design and offer high customization.
Our specialty lab furniture caters to all sectors of health and diagnostics industry including healthcare, pathology, sample testing and many more. Our modular lab furniture and flexible layout planning makes it easy to adapt to changing times to ensure the most optimum setup for any requirement, however it may change as time evolves.
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Laboratory Furniture for Flavours and fragrances industry are one of the top industries in india right now.
Analytical quality control, quality assurance, and research & development form the fundamentals of creation, production and distribution of products in this industry. Microbiology lab furniture for aromatic cultures and biotechnolgy lab furniture for processing and analysis are amongst the many processes done to comply with regulatory bodies such as the FFDC (India) to biochemistry lab furniture to assure quality and consistency with the aid of reliable and sophisticated tools and equipment.

An excellent lab furniture setup is impertinent to achieve excellence in industrial benchmarks and standards. An excellent lab furniture setup improves all the processes to be done internally in the company. It improves Product optimisation, benchmarking, product appearance and efficacy. Research lab furniture aids in proper invention of novel products. Prevalent processes such as extract characterisation, impurity management, structure elucidation and dereplication all requires multifunctional equipment in complex workflows along with the proper process lab furniture which renders the process improvements, a very important task for us to invest in.

We at Metrolabs work with you 100% from the onset of the planning and the design of the lab furniture, to translate your dream lab into reality.

Laboratory furniture are of utmost importance in the paint industry. From batch assessment, and the quality assurance necessary for branding to research and development, Lab furniture are an important part of paint industries. Multi-equipment and dynamic labs are required to facilitate the various processes that paint lab furniture facilitate. Paint labs are conducting more toxic reactions such as double replacement reactions.

We provide phenolic resin laminate and epoxy composite work tops replacing granite. Pigments, solvents, resins, and additives are more sensitive to lab furniture surfaces and necessary care to be taken while deciding the materials of construction of paint lab furniture. We consider all the important test carried out in paint lab such as Abrasion Resistance Test, Alkali Resistance of Paint,
Cass Test, Chemical Resistance Test,Chip Resistance, Coating Hardness Test, Coating Thickness Test, Condensing Humidity, Crosshatch Adherence Test, Drying Time Test, Failure Analysis Test, Falling Weight Test:
Flexibility Test, Free Falling test, Sand Abrasion Test, FTIR Test, Gloss (60C) Test,
Hardness Test, Impact Resistance Test, Peel-Off Test, Penetration Resistance Test, Salt Spray Test, Scratch Resistance Test, Scrubbing Resistance Test, Scratch Test, XENON Arc Test, Volatile Content Test,Water Resistance Test.

We help you plan, design, manufacture and install lab furniture to make your dream lab come true. We are here when you need us! Make sure to click the link below for more details, and customers.

Electronics laboratory furniture varies from regular lab furniture. The care to be taken for ESD and proper earthing must be done. We supply ESD workstations for electronics labs. The power supply is incorporated seamlessly and well integrated into the workstations ensuring high safety and efficiency of the workspace. 

Our lab workstations are entirely modular, enabling the internal electrical power lines to be accessed easily at any time to ensure the high reliability of the lab to be setup. In all projects, we take into all the necessary factors to ensure the best design possible. 

Hence making us adept at making industry-grade lab furniture and research and development lab furniture alike.

Chemical or chemistry laboratory furniture varies from industry to industry. We custom design the lab furniture as per the industry and the regular products being used. For example, If Hydrofluoric acid is being used more, a granite worktop will not suit. Also, storage bases to of chemical laboratory furniture to be taken care of. 

Polypropylene lining will give more lab furniture life. Fume hoods also cannot be generic, they should be custom designed concerning the inner lining, scrubbing method, and the instruments placed inside. We offer a variety of countertops such as phenolic resin laminate, epoxy composite slabs, and many more. 

We plan, design, manufacture and install lab furniture to bring your dream lab to life. Contact us, we are here when you need us!

Petroleum labs handle substances like crude oil, gases, and fuel on a daily basis. Petroleum refinery laboratory furniture must be able to handle products such as petrol, diesel, benzene, and phenols. These are highly flammable and require sufficient ventilation and safety systems in place. It is thus important to have things such as fire safety cabinets or flameproof cabinets for high-risk reactions and tests. 

Furthermore, toxic reactions must be done in fume hoods, and precision measurements must be made on anti-vibration tables for maximum accuracy. The efficiency of the lab is ensured by proper lab planning furniture and design for optimum workflow. We plan, design, and manufacture laboratories, to bring your dream lab to life. 

All the way from the choice of countertop and dimensional requirements, all the way to the color of your lab furniture, everything is highly customized and catered specifically to your needs. Contact us for any queries, we are there when you need us! Read more for past lab references and more.

Space Science laboratory, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Radiology laboratory furniture is required. The Laboratory Furniture is to be designed in accordance with the regulatory bodies like FSSAI, USFDA, FSMA, FFDCA, HACCP, NIST,FERN and many more. The counter top of the laboratory work tables are important. For microbiology lab , Epoxy resin or Phenolic resin tops can be preferred. Porous work tops like granite must be avoided. In radiology, chemistry and biochemistry lab furniture may be designed with Epoxy white counter tops so that the microbial contamination can be avoided, radio isotopes can be handled better and colorimetric tests can be performed comfortably on the lab work tables. Cleaning,sanitising and sterilising the laboratory work benches becomes easier. Designing of a Food inspection laboratory furniture is our expertise.

Aerospace is a multi-disciplinary field including labs of different applications. Acoustics laboratories, Instrumentation and communication laboratories, Robotics laboratories, Instrumentational laboratories, Aerodynamic fluid flow laboratories, and many more.

In addition, there are a lot of options available in the market right now, even the simple act of choosing your countertops could prove to be intensive. We are experts in understanding your interdepartmental and specific needs and making your dream lab come to life- we design, manufacture, supply and install your dream lab, We are there when you need us!

Nuclear Power and Atomic Research laboratory furniture has massive contributions and consequences for the entire world.

Atomic Power and Nuclear Research laboratory furniture have wide domains of applications from biomedical and clean energy to defense, and they all inevitably handle hot particles and have huge implications on society. Organizations such as the DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) and NICIL in India have been incentivizing the set up of Environmental Survey Laboratories as support for Atomic Research laboratories for regulatory purposes.

We plan, design, manufacture, and install nuclear and atomic power labs. Contact us, for we are there when you need us! Continue to read more to check out our past customer details.

In both Veterinary Science & Animal health care Analytical quality control and Research development, industrial labs are designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed by us. We manufacture ESD  workstations for electronic industries, and Fume Hood for chemical laboratories. lab table and another furniture requirement for CMM machine in Auto mobile industrial labs.  Paint industrial lab furniture along with solvents recovery system, acid and solvent scrubber, Fume hood with duct and ductless fume hood, Textile testing lab furniture, commercial testing lab furniture water testing lab furniture, Health care, and diagnostics lab furniture, cement industrial lab furniture, plastics industrial lab furniture. We make customised special purpose lab furniture for isotope and nuclear science laboratories and atomic power laboratories. We have hands-on experience in Aerospace laboratory furniture Petrochemicals QC lab furniture and R&D lab furniture. We have expertise in Flavours and Fragrances lab furniture, Paint industrial lab furniture, and chemical industrial lab furniture.

Laboratory furniture for Agricultural Industrial and Research institutions are usually used primarily for applications such as soils mineral profiles and seed testing to judge crop viability against fertiliser requirement, and many more. Ultimately, agricultural lab furniture are used to test every stage of the agricultural process from pre-planting to harvest. This necessitates a wide variety of tests to be done in an optimized lab environment, and and this needs an expert lab designer like Metrolabs to plan, manufacture and install.
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Textile testing laboratory furniture should have the work surface inert to dyes, pigments and solvents. Care to be taken while deciding the colour of the counter tops. The Textile testing lab furniture should have a white colour counter top in a place where the colour matching cabinet is being kept. Also, 3 feet (900mm) wide counter top with the 750kgs load bearing capacity is required for the Instrumentation table.

The textile testing lab furniture must be designed to accommodate all the vibrating equipment such Lab dyeing machine, colour matching cabinet, washing machine and many more. We have a product named as Vibration free table, which is most suitable for the instruments which vibrate and under constant heating and cooling. And finally the the most important aspect of it is for research and development of new products. Lab furniture is important for each and every facility to ensure topmost quality. It is important to design the lab and include the instruments like pilling tester, launderometer, perspirometer and design the proper workflow.

We will be there when you need us! Do contact us for enquiries, Read more for past customer references, and more.

Commercial Testing Laboratory, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Radiology laboratory furniture is required. The Laboratory Furniture is to be designed in accordance with regulatory bodies like FSSAI, USFDA, FSMA, FFDCA, HACCP, NIST, FERN, and many more. The countertop of the laboratory work tables is important. For the microbiology lab, Epoxy resin or Phenolic resin tops can be preferred. Porous worktops like granite must be avoided. In radiology, chemistry, and biochemistry lab furniture may be designed with Epoxy white countertops so that microbial contamination can be avoided, radioisotopes can be handled better and colorimetric tests can be performed comfortably on the lab work tables. Cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing the laboratory work benches becomes easier. Designing Food inspection laboratory furniture is our expertise.