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Design, Manufacture, Supply and install Lab Furniture and Fume hood.Lab furniture, Fume hood, Antivibration Table, Storage cupboards, Bio safty cabinets, Laminar Airflow

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We at Metrolabs , Design , Manufacture , Supply and Install Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, Laminar Air Flow, Bio Safety Cabinets, Anti vibration Table, Island Table, Sink Table and Many more . We are one of the leading Manufacturer of Laboratory Furniture in India . We have our offices over many major towns in India. We have our offices at Chennai, Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata.

We design your laboratory with our expertise gained over 25 years. Every project is a tailor-made one. We take care of all the relevant factors in the plan. We are one of the best laboratory furniture manufacturers in India. We have serviced all over the world.

We supply to Top CBSE schools, International Schools, Matriculation Schools, State board schools. We design their physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, computer science lab, Mathematics lab as per the requirement. We are one of the leading Manufacturer of Laboratory Furniture in Chennai. We have served almost 1000 schools in India. We are an expert in the School Lab Furniture. We specialise in the CBSE School laboratory furniture. We Design the lab as per CBSE norms and install at the customer place.

Lab furniture, Fume hood, Antivibration Table, Storage cupboards, Bio safty cabinets, Laminar AirflowWe are one of the leading manufacturer of industrial laboratory furniture in India. We supply to top Pharma industries, Formulation and Bulk drug industries. We design the lab as per the guidelines required as US-FDA, GMP, GLP, WHO and many more. As per the accepted design, we manufacture, supply and install the same at the customer’s place. We are one of the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture in Hyderabad. At Hyderabad , we supply to Major pharma formulation  and bulk drug industries.

We also supply to top Universities and research institutions, we design a biochemistry lab, microbiology lab, molecular biotechnology lab, biotechnology lab, pathology lab, histopathology lab and many more. We supply and install anywhere in the world. We are one of the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture in Bangaluru. We offer Rate Contract Proposal to the leading research institutes and Universities. We have supplied to the leading research institues like Inidan Institue of Science and Indian institute of Technology.

We also supply to other top industries like electronics.  we supply ESD table, ESD mats. In food industries, we supply complete SS tables and systems. Automobile industrial lab, we supply the tables and furniture as per their requirements.

School lab furniture.

School lab furniture Creating a Dream Lab: We have the Technology Channels that work for school science lab !

The interest of young people in science is developed by inspiring and knowledgeable teachers, technicians and properly planned Science Laboratory. From a Primary school lab to a Nuclear Science Laboratory, we are a professional company dedicated to supporting the excellence in school science Lab Furniture.

“School science laboratories are an expensive investment and are expected to last for many years.

A poor / good design will have positive or negative impact on generations of pupils, teachers and technicians.”

– The Association for Science Education.

School lab furniture project requires a detailed planning and preparation.

Here are some of the main factors which will really impact on the Quality, Price and Utility of the furniture.

You may get great ideas from "Guide to planning practical science-cambridge assessment international education"

  • Age of the students to whom we are planning for the laboratory In general, if it planned by doing in standing, the 900mm height table top is planned. But this is good for industrial European environment. This was blindly followed all over the word across all the laboratories. But this is not holding good for Asian and Indian students at school level. We recommend students in India, age group less than 10 years, 750mm height table top and for age group above 10 years and up to 17 years, 850 mm table top for the practical planned in standing.

  • Subject to which the lab is planned

    School Chemistry Laboratory Furniture: Safety, Eyewash, Fire extinguisher, spillage kit, First aid box, chemicals and glassware storage Air Went and Fume Hood Spacing and Emergency exit water Inlet, Outlet and Sink planning Spot Reagent Rack and the Movement of the students lab dimensions and the total number of students planned per batch Table top and Material of construction for the under bench Modules.

These are the essentials to be considered before making a plan for school chemistry laboratory furniture.

School Physics Laboratory Furniture: Electrical race ways, power supply and proper earthing (grounding) Circuit breaker system, voltage stabiliser and a Surge Protector Dark room and Light source for optical experiments one for the lab for boiling point, melting point and electrolysis experiments lab dimensions and the total number of students planned per batch Table top and Material of construction for the under bench Modules.

These are the essentials to be considered before making a plan for school physics laboratory furniture.

School Biology Laboratory Furniture: Formaldehyde spillage kit and a sink per lab Flexibility and student positioninguse of space, Models and charts display arrangements.

These are the essentials to be considered before making a plan for school Biology laboratory furniture.

School computer science Laboratory Furniture: Circuit breaker system, voltage stabiliser and a Surge Protector pace between the system table top and separators teachers table and student desk orientation material of construction, table top .

These are the essentials to be considered before making a plan for school Computer science laboratory furniture.

School Mathamatics (maths) Laboratory Furniture: The height and the shape of the table Display of teaching kits and it arrangements orientation of the teacher table and student desk arrangement.

These are the essentials to be considered before making a plan for school Maths laboratory furniture.

  • Matrial of construction of the Laboratory Furniture

  • The under bench Module

    Universally, the best under bench module is made by using Galvanised Iron sheets . This is nothing but zinc coated steel sheets with moderate flexibility and corrosion resistant. Powder coating on the surface makes the surface more protective against rusting and will look great. Many colour options are possible. When it comes for the school science lab, especially for school chemistry lab it is moderately inert for chemicals vapour, moisture, climatic change. For School physics laboratory, the under bench modules made by GI sheets considered to be the most safest one against electrical short circuit and fire hazards. For school computer science labs , this material will more sturdy and students cannot write on the surface using pen and pencil.

Table top

  • Granite
  • Phenolic Resin Laminate
  • Epoxy composite slab
  • Plywood, Particle board, Solid wood

We have the first three options. We don't recommend wood in any form inside the School science lab due to the fact that harm to the environment, Fire hazard and Non-modular in nature

Though Epoxy and Phenolic are good in many aspects, it is very costly and for the school science lab the granite is best due to some of its exclusive properties such as highly heat resistant , scratch free, writing free and more economic than the other two options.

Epoxy impregnated Granite slabs for School Science Lab table top.

Our granites are not just granites, we do epoxy resin impregnation on granite surface multiple times to make the granite non porous. The granite slabs we offer are tested with ultrasonic probe for the natural intrinsic cracks. we give guarantee for the granite breaking for 3 years.

Are you planning for a new lab

The room drawing , plumbing and electrical drawing , no of students per batch are the basic requirements to prepare the initial drawing for the budgetary quote. You may view more frequently asked question in a website . We assure you the reply from our end within 24 Hrs Monday to Friday.

The designing involves the space availability , your budget limitations , lab room positioning at the building any many more . You may get some great ideas from this website

Apart from the design of the lab furniture for the individual CBSE School science lab , the lay out for the cbse school chemistry is entirely different from the cbse school biology lab and cbse school computer science laboratories. Where as cbse school physics lab requires both dark room and natural light for optical experiments. You may get more ideas for the lab layout at

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Design your lab

When a new lab is planned, with our expertise, we can help you in designing. We need the following details for a perfectly suitable lab.


We manufacture the product completely in our factories. We have all the infrastructure such

Our customers are welcome to visit our plant / Manufacturing Unit / Earliear Poject Installation spot at any time to have look at our process.

Material Specialisation

We specialise in steel case work laboratory furniture. We Fabricate the caseworks using GI Metal sheets and CRCA Tubing. We are offering wide range of counter top options.

Economic epoxy coated granite,

solid phenolic compact laminates from Trespa, Durcon and greelam (Indian),

Epoxy resin composite,

Polypropylene (PP), Stainless steel (SS) and


Modular steel lab design, manufacture, supply & install in any state in India and all arround the world

We have offices and service team located at Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata. We are capable of supporting customer at any part of India.

We Metrolabs, Lab Furniture Manufacturer and supplier in Indian States and Capitals

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Lab furniture designed & installed in any country

We are capable of executing projects in any country around the world. All the supplies will be made form India. The installation team will be travelling from India. We have prompt logistics network to deliver the product on time to your location.

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Indian-Made Laboratory Furniture & Fume Hood Outfitter

Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods Manufactured in India. Majority of the accessories are outsourced from Indian manufacturers only. Whether you're in the building phase of your new lab or just replacing dated furniture, Metrolabs has the experience and expertise to deliver the laboratory furniture and chemical fume hoods you need, built to spec.


Quality craftsmanship doesn’t have to bust your budget. Our furniture options fit any size lab on any budget, in any industry or institution. We have various options based on budget.

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We value your time. We promise to respond to all initial inquiries within 24 hours Monday through Saturday. To help us expedite the process, please provide your name, as well as the name of your company and location in the form above. Let us know in detail whether you are contacting us about laboratory design, furniture sales, fume hood, Antivibration table or have a general inquiry.

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Industrial Laboratory

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