Paint Industrial Laboratory Furniture

We at Metrolabs have decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, installation and supply of paint lab furniture in India, and around the world.

Lab furniture planning for paint industries can prove a hassle, as there are multiple factors to consider while planning for and designing paint lab furniture.

In most paint labs, color comparison tests need to take place and thus a color neutral table top like white epoxy is preferable. White Trespa counter tops could be an option too, but their temperature sensitivity makes them a less favourable option for paint industry lab table requirements.

In paint industries, there is a lot of chemical tests involving solutes and solvents and this necessitates the incorporation of sinks in table workspace, spot extractors reagent racks and chemical storage cupboards.

Solvent tests, such as that of flammability is highly important, thus fire safety cabinets and fume hoods are an irreplaceable part of paint labs. These fume hoods are advised to have inbuilt chemical scrubbers, and condensing scrubbers are recommended.

World class paint industry labs usually have a separate, dedicated microbiology lab, with laminar air flows and bio-safety cabinets integrated in them.

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Highly requested paint lab furniture:

  • Centre table or island table
  • Wall side table
  • Anti vibration table for Micro balances
  • Fume Hood
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Bio safety cabinets
  • Various chemicals storage cabinets
  • Flammable cabinets
  • Bench top fume hood
  • Movable fume hoods
  • Scrubbers suitable for the specific test
  • Spot extractors
School Fume hood
Biosafety cabinet
Industrial Lab Furniture