Oil and Petroleum refinery laboratory furniture

Crude oil, petroleum feedstocks, fuels, and other petroleum refined products are all tested in petroleum laboratories. Petroleum lab testing services are used to support petroleum refinery, cargo inspection, upstream, and other petroleum-related businesses. Crude oil, fuels, gases, aromatics, petrochemicals, intermediate products, asphalt, pet-coke, pipeline transmix, and other petroleum products are all only some of the many petroleum byproducts commonly being tested.

We at Metrolabs are qualified lab furniture experts and give you a complete lab furniture solution for petroleum and associated testing laboratories. From the advent of planning the furniture layout for your workspace and integrating instrumentation and processes into your furniture, all the way to manufacturing and the installation, we will work with your inputs every step of the way to bring your dream lab to reality.

We offer high customizability and offer a wide variety of options to suit the lab furniture to your specific needs. When it comes to tabletops we offer granite, epoxy and phenolic resin laminates. We also offer the option of either GI or stainless steel as material of construction for your lab furniture. We at Metrolabs care deeply about bringing your dream lab to life- the color of the furniture is solely the customers decision and can be precisely tuned and matched to represent your brand accurately.

Our frequently requested products for the petroleum industries are:

-> Anti-Vibration Tables
-> laminar air flows
-> bio safety cabinets
-> spot extractors
-> island and wall tables
-> Fume hoods
-> Island and wall tables
-> Storage Cupboards

Petroleum refineries Lab Furniture