Laboratory furniture and workstations

Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

We offer flexible lab designing options with high customer liberty to dictate material of construction, counter top, etc. Significant constructional placements such as electrical and water points, gas outlets, will be taken into consideration while being designed. What more, all our products are modular! In case of future renovations, our furniture can be swiftly made into modules and moved with convenience.

We cater to specialized needs such as sterile rooms, laminar flow cabinets, bio-safety cabinets, industrial gas extractors, anti-vibration tables for precision measurements systems and many more.

Speak to Metrolabs Pharma Lab Designer. The Laboratory Furniture professionals of Metrolabs can build your perfect customised pharmaceutical Lab. Whether you are looking for a solution for and established lab or to create an altogether new lab. We will be there when you need us!

Contact us by calling 09840931231, filling out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

We will work with you and guide you every step of the way to design your lab, work with you and guide you through all the overwhelming new choices that exist in the market right now. To opt for island tables or wall tables? What type of counter tops to choose to suit our work flow? What fume hood to opt for- bench top? ductless? We are here when you need us! Do make sure to click the below link to check out our customer references.