Pharmaceutical Laboratory Furniture

Pharmaceutical industry is one among the industry, which highly regulated and most of the regulatory guidelines revolves around the laboratories. Whether it is a Quality control of a regular pharmaceutical product or a new drug discovery, the Laboratory Furniture and work stations plays a major role.

Systems like GLP, GMP, ISO are highly connected with the laboratory process, Standard testing procedure and standard operation method. We offer Centre table or island table , where scientist work on both sides of the table. The wall side table, which mostly preferred for instrumentation can be approached from one side only. 

This wall side table are preferred for instrumentation purposes. Apart from these tables Anti vibration table for Micro balances, Fume Hood, Laminar Air Flow, Bio safety cabinets, Various chemicals storage cabinets, Flammable cabinets, Bench top fume hood, Movable fume hoods, Scrubbers suitable the specific test are our expertise.

  • Centre table or island table
  • Wall side table
  • Anti vibration table for Micro balances
  • Fume Hood
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Bio safety cabinets
  • Various chemicals storage cabinets
  • Flammable cabinets
  • Bench top fume hood
  • Movable fume hoods
  • Scrubbers suitable for the specific test are our expertis
Pharma Lab Furniture
Pharma Lab Furniture
Pharma Lab Furniture

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