Textiles Testing Laboratory Furniture

Textile testing laboratory furniture are of paramount importance to maintain the textile industry standards at various levels. Apart from fabric labs testing services laboratories, the biggest textile manufacturers also tend to have their own textile testing labs in various different levels of the garments manufacturing processes to upkeep their promise of standard and quality. Textile testing labs perform many different physical tests like crocking tests and color fastness tests in their workflow and tend to need high planning, and design before the actual purchase and buying of lab furniture. We plan, design, manufacture and install lab furniture for textile testing laboratories. We work with you every step of the way to customize our lab furniture to your needs to bring your dream textile testing laboratory to life. We will be there when you need us! Our highly requested products for textile testing lab furniture are :
  • laminar air flow hoods/ culture hoods with HEPA filters
  • Grossing station/Anti- vibration tables for precision measurements
  • Fume Hoods
  • Island and wall tables
  • Standalone cabinets to hold samples
  • Wall cabinets to conserve space