Veterinary Science Animal Health laboratory furniture

We are experts in the planning, design, manufacturing and installation of specialised animal and veterinary diagnostics lab furniture. When you are looking to set up your dream lab for veterinary lab for diagnostics purposes, it might feel a little overwhelming. We work with you and help you plan, design and we manufacture your lab furniture and install it to bring your dream lab into reality. There are many factors to consider while setting up your veterinary and diagnostics laboratory, and specific lab furniture to invest in, depending on the tests, processes and procedures done in the lab. For example, when building a histopathology lab, the possibly contaminated tissue are to be handled in a bio-safety cabinet. In animal pathology labs, many live samples will be cultured, which would require a laminar air flow cabinet. Furthermore in animal pharmacy labs and so on, it will be important to have a fume hood installed to manage toxic fumes properly. When lab tables are planned for and designed, it is important to make them safe, ergonomic and efficient. Having a well designed lab will also lay a strong foundational base for getting proper accreditation from standard bodies such as AAVLD and VALAP. We at Metrolabs work with you every step of the way in making your dream lab come to life. We offer free consultation services for your lab planning, so please do contact us. We are there when you need us! Frequently requested animal lab furniture:
  • lab tables
  • fumehoods
  • anti-vibration tables
  • biosafety cabinets
  • laminar air flow
  • clean room furnitue- complete ss or PU coated GI optionality, hanging cupboards
  • dualdraft stations
  • backdraft stations
  • necropsy tables