Laboratory furniture and workstations

Laboratory Laminar AirFlow Cabinets​

General Laminar AirFlow Cabinet​

  • Sliding doors can be stopped at any position
  • Epoxy resin powder coating, anti-corrosive alkali
  • Fluorescent lamp is waterproof, anti-corrosive and anti-oxidative
  • Fan control and wind speed adjustment
  • Can be equipped with extra gas cock or water cock
  • Dimensions can be customized as per customer’s request
  • Can be customized to vertical or horizontal type

Used in microbiology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and environmental research based industries to safeguard users, materials and the environment from toxic and hazardous contaminants

Vertical Laminar AirFlow Cabinet​

Vertical Laminar Airflow system allows operation in sterile and particle free conditions because the continuous flushing of the working area by a unidirectional and Vertical and ultra filtered airflow, it assures a full product protection.

Direction of Flow      Vertical

Particle Retention      0.3 Micron & Above

Noise Level              65 decibel on “A” scale ± 5

Velocity                   90 Feet / Minute ± 20

Worktable               By IS 304 Grade Stainless Steel surface

Front door               by 5 mm thick Polycarbonate – Sliding Type

U V lamp                 30 Watts, Make – PHILIPS

Illumination              Fluorescent tubes with diffusers

Pressure (∆P) Inclined Manometer 0 –25 mm range

Other accessories     5/15 Amp power point, Gas inlet & Castor Wheels

Power Supply 230V, Single phase, 50 Hz

HEPA Filter

Media Ultra clean glass fiber paper – imported.

Type Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter, Separator less

Retention       0.3 Micron             Efficiency      99.97%

Grade           H13 rating

PRE Filter:

Media Synthetic, non-woven polyester fibers

Casing GI with PU coated frame

Retention 5 Micron & above

Efficiency       95 %

Material of construction:

Galvanized Iron sheet with complete polyurethane powder coated finishes

Blower Assembly: DIDW type blower system, which consists of dynamically & statically balanced aluminum centrifugal impeller driven by an single phase, 1440-RPM motor, enclosed in an PU coated GI casing suitably suspended in a pair springs & connected to the filter chamber through flexible canvas duct.


Horizontal Laminar AirFlow Cabinet​

Horizontal  Laminar   Airflow   system   allows   operation  in  sterile   and  particle   free conditions because  the continuous flushing  of the working  area  by a unidirectional and Horizontal and ultra filtered  airflow,  it assures  a full product  protection.

Direction  of Flow    Horizontal

Particle  Retention  0.3 Micron & Above

Noise Level 65 decibel on “A” scale ± 5

Velocity 90 Feet / Minute ± 20

Worktable By IS 304 Grade Stainless  Steel surface Front door by 4 mm thick Polycarbonate – Foldable  Type U V lampMake – PHILIPS

Illumination LED Light Fitting

Pressure  (∆P) Inclined  Manometer 0 –25 mm range

Other accessories  5 /15 Amp power point, Gas inlet, Castor  Wheels  & Power chord

Power Supply 230V, Single phase, 50 Hz

HEPA Filter: Media : Ultra clean glass fiber paper – imported Type   : Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter, Separator less Retention:0.3 Micron with a max. 25mm WG

Efficiency: 99.997% / Grade: H13 rating.

Media: Synthetic, non-woven polyester fibers.

Casing: GI with PU coated Frame.

Retention: 5 Micron & above

Efficiency: 95 %

Material of Construction: The Cabinet made from Galvanized Iron 18 SWG sheet metal with polyurethane paint coated finish.

Blower  Assembly:         Outer   rotor   type   blower    system,    which   consists    of dynamically & statically  balanced  aluminum centrifugal impeller  driven by a single phase  motor,  enclosed  in an PU coated   GI   casing   &   directly   connected  to   the   filter chamber.